About Us

Welcome to JCS Development

Your business is important to you.  It’s important to us too.  Let’s work together!

Who Are We

We are all about business.  Your business.  Our craftsman live to build great websites.

Our Mission

Do the right thing to make customers happy.  And do it ethically and with integrity.

What We Do

We build WordPress sites that not only look good but are easy to maintain.  Focus on your business not your website.

Our history

In the winter of 2008 JCS Development was born.  Born of a desire to give business WordPress websites and applications that are more than just pretty but functional.  The web has changed a lot since then but we haven’t.  We’re still driven by the idea that businesses need customers and it’s our goal to help them create more.

Our 6-D process



We will help you define what your needs are, Research what your competitors are doing and show you the best options and technology to increase conversions and sales.



Your business needs a coherent message to create customer interest and brand loyalty.  This step will help set the story of your WordPress website.



Our designers work with you to create stunning images that fit with your business.  Then we prototype what these should look like on the web.



We use the best WordPress tools to develop a site that is beautiful, fast and helps you bring in clients.  You will be able to see the development work as it unfolds.



We’ll deploy your WordPress site to the web host of your choice, we know a few good ones.  We’ll get you registered with the search engines, analytics tools and setup our maintenance of your site.



Finally we will get your site on the Internet but it doesn’t end there.  We watch and refine your site to give you the most from an SEO perspective.  We monitor updates and backups.  Leaving you free to worry about your business.

Why choose us?

We create quality WordPress websites that are both attractive and performant.

We don’t leave you hanging out there.  Our monitoring will alert us of issues allowing them to fix them before you even know about it.

We will be here when you need us.  We use multiple communication tools so that you can always reach us when something you need to.

We will use the best WordPress plugins and themes, experience and know-how to increase your sales and SEO ranking.  Making your investment worth it.

The team here at JCS Development has over 20 years of development experience. We only use the best talent available.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Let's talk and see how we can make your website a tool to increase your business.

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