How To Deal With SEO


“I’ve got a website, how do I let people know”.   This is probably the second highest question that gets asked of us.  In order for you to get into the top ten or so links on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  (search engine ranking).  There is no “cut and dried” answer to this.  In fact there are alot of factors that go into it.  However one of the most import part of this process are keyword based advertising.  (Google Ad Words or Bing Ads to name a couple) .  I’ll say that if you’re not using one of these “pay-per-click” or “ppc” as they are know you’re probably not going to get even close to the top ten.  I’ll just use google as an example.  Notice in the image that the top four are all ads.

This is just a fact of life now so if you’re wanting to use the web to drive business to your website you’re more than likely going to need ads.  JCS Development can work with you to setup these pay-per-click systems for your website.

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